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Sunday, 9 February 2014

Big Frank & Silicon Sally

What's your Personal Brand...?

In a conversation with one of my clients, he made a reference to Silicon Valley, however, what I heard him say was Silicon Sally; perhaps I need to tune in better...

Now just out of interest, what image springs to mind when you hear the words Silicon Valley - probably the area in California that is home to plenty of well known Tech companies and student start ups; or up starts, depending on your view...

Silicon Sally may conjure up a different array of images...

What we call ourselves, how we are perceived and how we promote ourselves will define our place in the market, get us noticed and effectively build our reputation.

It is unfortunate that as humans we tend to collect and group people according to random classifications that can be dependent upon names, hair colour, height, weight, nationality among others. The collective noun is probably one of the most dangerous concepts in everyday use.

To avoid being "classified" and bundled with others, create your own Brand..

You Brand consists of;

1. Your Values & Standards

2. Ability to Deliver Results

3. Consistency

4. Goals and Ambitions

5. Your Personal Life

6. Imagery and Voice

7. Name

Essentially, your Brand is defined by what others think or say about  you when you are not there. There is a saying that suggests that;

"Other peoples opinions of you, are none of your business..."

This is not true. Whilst no-one should try and please everybody; pleasing nobody is a sure fire way to get fired not hired..

Management of your Brand is the key to career and business success - we live in the Social Media age and what you say, think and publish counts...

Let me introduce you to Big Frank - he is a debt collector and his on line presence leaves no room for doubt about what he does or how effective he is likely to be...

Does your marketing speak as clearly..?

Is your reputation so clearly displayed for all to see..?
Have a great week...

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