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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Is History making you Unhappy...? have been conditioned not to be Happy...

The Neolithic Revolution, which was when humans began transition from a Hunter Gatherer existence towards an Agrarian or Farming lifestyle happened over the period from 9000 to 7000 BC. 

Then between 1760 and 1840 the first  Industrial Revolution took place - where for the first time machines started to replace hand skills. From 1840 to 1870 the Second Industrial Revolution occurred with the introduction of Steam Power on railways, in factories and for shipping.

Happiness is a Process not an Event...

Capitalism flourished under these conditions and gave rise to increased international trade, travel and mass production under factory conditions complete with artificial lighting.


If you have a Factory full of Capital Plant and Equipment i.e. machines, how many hours a day do you want the machines to be working for each day...?

Exactly - 24...

So along with industrialisation came the introduction of the triple shift system - breaking the day into three eight hour sections such that different teams can keep the machines running constantly - and therefore increase profits.

To prepare people for this capitalist worker bee existence, they had to be trained, and the school system was the perfect way to condition people to get used to a pattern of living that started with a bell, included set breaks and ended with a bell when it was time to go home. 

Since those early days, society has continued to change and the Information or Technology Revolution continues at a pace.

So what...?

We live in a society where our lifestyle and expectations are supported by the foundations of Globalisation - the principle that increased connection, trade and travel is necessary to our well being.

Furthermore, there are three principles that support us on this foundation;

1. Greed - an unfortunate truth that our lives are driven by greed, individually and collectively.

2. Growth -continuous growth of the economy is fundamental to our ongoing wealth, inflation & interest rates underpin our financial services sector.

3. God - not the celestial being, but the God of acquisition of material goods, consumerism, smart 'phones and innovation. The God that drives peoples behaviours.

A Lifestyle built on these four principles is not destined be a happy one - instead, we need to find a different set of principles to live by.

The ones we have were imposed on society by the Capitalists - and they still are, choose a new set that serve you better...

For example...

If the foundation was Sustainability, and the supporting pillars were Abundance, Contribution and Kindness - we may have a different experience in life..

So make a choice - I dare you - choose to be Happy and select only those principles that support you in your personal and professional life...

Happiness belongs to the innovators and the outsiders, those who operate within the Gaps of the structures that have been imposed on them. 

A Gallup Survey in 2013 determined that only 13% of people were Happy with their work and were fully engaged in their professional activities.

87% of people tolerate being unhappy because the fringe benefits of money, flat screen TV's, Smart Phones and Property funded with cheap loans and mortgages - the very symptoms of the cause of their plight in the first place.

The drug of consumerism is highly addictive and self destructive too. 

Is it possible to live in the Gaps...?

Yes - absolutely...

It means you have to make choices about what you do professionally and personally. We made a choice to run our own business - a business that is designed to enhance and improve the lives of others - we chose not to have credit cards, mortgages and smart phones. Everything we buy is bought for cash - we still have a great lifestyle, but happiness enjoyment, balance and contribution are our drivers...

It is all a matter of choice - choose to be Happy and build your life accordingly...

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  1. Great reminder that you cannot get happiness - happiness is, it is in the now the moment that you decide to be happy.

    Now that all you good people are taking Dave's advice and tomorrow you will wake up and with a bit of luck you will decide to be happy - and therefore, surprise surprise, you will be happy. Now anyone who can keep this up for 21 days, well done, you have just created a great habit says Dave of J21.

    Now should you really think that you have cracked this then you are ready for the ultimate test; the ultimate test what is that I hear you say!

    Yes thats right, the ultimate test is for you to live with my teenage daughter for 21 days and you can do that and remain happy you really have cracked it!