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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

When did you lose control of your Business..?

...are you running it, or is it running you..?

One of the joys about doing what I do is that I get to work with ambitious and increasingly successful Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Executives...

Another fun part is being able to ask simple but uncomfortable questions and watch as people squirm and hesitate as they look for the answer and realise that their business is quite simply out of control...

So, here is a quick Quiz that you can take to see if your business is fully under your control, whether it is careering wildly over the edge of the unseen precipice, or simply needs bringing back into line with a gentle nudge...

Scoring - for each of the questions simply answer on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being "absolutely no idea" and 10 being "100% certain" a 5 score will mean that you had to give "your best guess..."

1. What is your Annual Break Even Sales Value...? 

2. What is your Av Client Value over the last 12 months..?

3. What is you cost of Acquisition for a new Client...?

4. What is your Gross Margin %...?

5. What is your Net Margin %..?

6. What is your conversion rate from Lead to Client...?

7. How many Customers do you have..?

8. What cash was in your Business Acct at 09.00 today..?

9. What are your average Debtor Days...?

10. How many people do you employ...?

11. How many people are on payroll...?*

12. What is your Net Promoter Score..?

13. What is your Dream...?

14. You are living to your full potential..?

15. Your children recognise you in person..?

If you get any less than 80% your business is out of control...

If this is the case, email me immediately for help, advice and guidance...

If you got 80% or more - then congratulations, your business is under control...

Email me anyway so you can let me know what pills you are taking... :-)

If you can't figure out how to answer the questions let alone calculate a percentage, or If you don't think you could transform your business and your results by working with one of the Top Coaches in the Business, then clearly you don't need to contact me; in fact nothing you do will work so probably best if you give up now...

In that case, here's another website you may find helpful -

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